Write it down!

Most Wednesdays, I do a “joycast” on Facebook. This is a little broadcast with joy tips that I do along with Nancy Illman, to promote connection among people in a Facebook group we created, “Dragonfly Hummingbird Joy Posse.” (Feel free to join if you aren’t already a member!) It is fun every week to think about the concept of joy, and the practice in itself is beneficial to me. I am currently in the process of restructuring my website, and was practicing downloading and copying these broadcasts to my computer so that I can get them up on a resource page for anyone to see. This caused me today to review what I have said over the past few months.

One thing that struck me today is how many times I recommended writing things down as part of the practice of living a joyful life. In one, I was talking about resilience and how important it is when you are feeling well and in the flow to write down those practices that help elevate you so that when life has one of its inevitable downs, you have a toolbox from which to draw to help bring you back up again. Examples of this for me would be yoga, meditation, reiki, walks in nature, conversations with friends, repeat. The less the time, the lower I feel, the more the need for me to practice.

And then today, I was talking about what I thought would be today’s sole blog topic - the idea of just listing things that you like to do! What I said is summarized as: To live a joy filled, light-hearted life, it is important to sit down sometimes and just reflect on what does actually bring you joy. What, exactly, do you think is fun? Are you living with such a sense of responsibility, steered by other’s agendas so much that you have forgotten what YOU like to do for fun?

So, what do these have in common? I guess it is a love of visual reminders. Something to turn to when you have forgotten about your own light, your own value, or that life is meant to be fun!

We are all used to our to-do lists. This task, and that obligation, and the other project that need to be completed. Can we use our list making compulsion to also bring us into a life of joy?

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Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys.