We are pleased to provide opportunities for pilgrimage and transformational travel.  Unlike travel for sightseeing alone, intentional pilgrimage as a spiritual practice can help you connect to the divine, no matter how you define it, and provide time for reflection on your own light and life purpose.  Some of our trips are to traditional pilgrimage destinations, others are not, but the intention of the trips are the same. 

Pilgrimage requires a pilgrim’s heart and a willingness to be open to new and unexpected experience.  The gift of any pilgrimage is in being open to whatever might happen - during the trip or in your own preparation for the journey.

Journeys offered:


Walking the Ancient Spiritual Path of the Camino de Santiago

September 15-23, 2019


What people have to say about Deep Peace trips:

"What an amazing trip! It far exceeded my expectations. Walking the Camino was incredible and magical. Nancy, Angela and Jose were all wonderful guides. Jose's lunches were the best!” Renee Hartshorn, West Hartford, CT

"I’ve gotten so much more out of it than I had ever imagined.” Piper S., West Hartford, CT

“I loved everything, the wind, rain, cold, sun, hikes, morning time with Nancy, food, accommodations, puffins, rocks, teachings, bus rides, ferry rides, sunsets, rainbows along with the sounds of the waves, birds, and lambs!"  Cathi Nelson, West Hartford, CT

"Thank you Nancy, Susan and Scott for a truly memorable vacation. The whole trip was well organized and seamless from the travel to and from Iona, to the cozy accommodations, delicious food and professional staff @ the St Columba Hotel. It was an added bonus to have Scott share his wealth of knowledge, regarding the geology of the island. The daily prayers, yoga, and abbey services were beautiful opportunities to connect with the island and its people on a deeper level. Our evening gathering before dinner was a wonderful way to come back together and share our thoughts and experiences. 
I'm grateful to have been able to experience Iona and all its beauty with enthusiastic, experienced guides that shared their favorite beaches and vistas with us. I look forward to another visit to Iona with Deep Peace."  Rose Dufour, Branford, CT

"I am grateful that our wonderful leaders built a supportive, affirmative community of Pilgrims. I felt privileged to be part of a group of seekers who had “come away for awhile” to reflect, observe, and grow...
There is something Holy about that experience. A time away, a time to shed our baggage, and a time to hit the reset button. ..
I feel renewed, at peace, and energized...Thanks to our 3 wonderful leaders who guided us through true Pilgrimage. Thanks to all of you for sharing your enthusiasm, hearts, and spirit."  Ann Mundy, Westfield, MA