So many of us go through life feeling like there is something about us that makes us not deserve abundance in our lives. By abundance, I am referring to joy, love, health, friendship, everything that might make you feel that you have a full and satisfying life. You might look at other people and, for some reason, believe that that person is more worthy than you. The shadow side of this, of course, are those people who have so much and seem to believe that other people do not deserve such abundance.

How would it feel today to step into the idea that love, joy, health, satisfaction come from an infinite flow? Your having abundance does not diminish that of anyone else.  Consider that by just existing on this planet, you deserve to live a full and satisfying life. 

This week, I invite you to notice when you begin to have this sense of unworthiness and replace it with an "I deserve" affirmation. 

You deserve love, you deserve joy, you deserve a fulfilling job,  you deserve goodness!

Copyright 2019 Nancy C Murray  

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