Happy Spring Everyone!

This weekend, I was lucky enough to get to spend the weekend with my daughter in the San Francisco Bay area as she plans to move there for her first job in June! It was a joy to travel around the area with her, figuring out which neighborhoods she might like to live in and generally getting to know the area.

On Friday, she went into her office at the USDA Forest Service and I had a few hours to myself to explore the town in which she will be working - Vallejo. I enjoyed walking up and down the Napa River, soaking in the sun of a beautiful day and the friendliness of my fellow walkers - everyone saying “good morning” as we passed. After some time, I went to a yoga class led by Amy Raupach at Vallejo Yoga. She led an interesting flow class, but what was even more compelling to me was her invocation and discussion of a mantra during the class. A portion of the mantra was “bring me from darkness into light, bring me from death into life…” and Amy expounded on how this could reflect for us as the darkness of winter into the light of spring (oh, the extremes that those Californians can only imagine!) and also the death of one element of life and the birth of another.

This instruction was timely for me, as this year will reflect the end of a time for me when I have been blessed to see my daughter frequently in person. It will, however, be a brilliant rebirth for both of us as she starts an amazing new job filled with promise and opportunity and I continue to grow my healing business, particularly my course and my book in progress!

I am sorry for such a long background, but I wanted to attribute this week’s inspiration correctly, and I wanted to give you some context.

At this time of year, we are often told to think about blossoming. The Spring is an opportunity to move forward, to see what is good, to start something new. What I am inviting you to do is to look at this in an even deeper way. The words “moving from death into life” are strong. What old way of thinking are you holding onto? What story do you tell yourself about yourself that is holding you back? How do you dim your own radiance for the betterment of others? What habit do you have that is wasting your time or your life force? Can you allow yourself to let a certain element of your way of being to “die” to make room for a radiant new you? Yes, looking forward into your potential, but also taking the harder look to see what do you need to let go of so that your way forward can be clear and unencumbered.

Every day is a chance to move forward, to step into your own radiance. It might not be simple, but why not start today?

Copyright 2019 Nancy C Murray

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