Take Care of Yourself!

Most of us are practicing being outer focused first, tending to the needs and requests of others before ourselves Then, somehow, it seems that there isn’t enough time left over for ourselves. That’s because we are doing it backwards. To truly love and be friends with others, we must practice loving ourselves well and fully on a daily basis.

For the past few weeks, I have noticed so many of the people I interact with talking about how tired they are, exhausted even, as they also talk about the number of things that they are doing for other people. This might be taking care of family members, helping friends with one thing or another, or taking on too much at work - either too much from a boss or too many projects for people if self employed. I used to be guilty of this myself, and continue to have moments where I slip and forget from time to time. This tendency to overextend often comes from a sense of love and a feeling like if you can do something, then you must. It may also come from a sense of fear - “if I don’t take this project on from my family/friend/client, will they still love and value me?” You may have other reasons for doing this.

The issue really came to a head for me when I heard the overwhelm and exhaustion from someone I had engaged to do work for my own business. I have so often been on the overextended side and had not considered how this felt on the side of the person for whom I thought I was helping. NO ONE wants you to help or work for them from a sense of obligation or exhaustion. No one who is worth working for wants you to deplete yourself so that you are not enjoying life and health and joy. Most people trust that when you are too busy, you will say so, so if you say “Yes” to something, they understand that it is something that you have time for and will enjoy on some level. The only person who can gauge this is you!

So, as we enter the holidays - a time when many of us are even more likely to take on too much, I invite you to consider the importance to everyone of your own health and sanity. Can you allow yourself to understand your own worth and the deepest importance of taking care of yourself? Consider what brings you joy and allow yourself to say no or to ask for help when needed. And, trust that the person you ask for help will take care of themselves as well. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, just stop and take a walk in nature, go to yoga, call a friend. Do what needs to be done to restore your soul. You might even consider a retreat or trip!! :)

Holding you in my heart, and trusting that you are holding yourself as well!

Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray

Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys.