This week, I have been noticing that there in an impatient energy flowing around us. Sure, there is often a frenetic pace to December with so many different holidays being celebrated and the resulting preparation and parties, but this year, it feels like the “hurry up” energy is even stronger. Perhaps I am just noticing it most acutely in myself. In reflection, I have been feeling impatient about moving forward for months now - I have this clear directive on how to move forward and to help people connect to the radiant truth of themselves, and I just want to get to it. I studied and wrote the abundance course over the summer, but wanted to teach it RIGHT AWAY, and am slowly rolling it out, but I feel like I want it to be big immediately. I have a book that needs to get out, and, again, I just want the book out! Likewise, I am offering three trips in 2019, and I am so excited, I just want everyone to be signed up instantly, because I want to begin holding them in my heart already (I am anyway, I just don’t know their names).

Somehow, while I have faith in the divine timing of all this, my basic impatience was fully illuminated for me this week. This Saturday, I am excited to be hosting my book club’s holiday party. I have wanted to host it for years, and the stars finally aligned for me. I have decorated the house, and wanted to add a Christmas tree, even though our family Christmas tree won’t be up for a couple of weeks. I bought a table top tree at Whole Foods, some tinsel, and brought it home. I couldn’t believe how much I just wanted the tree UP already, lit, decorated, etc. Usually I love the process of decorating, but this time I just wanted it done already. So much for enjoying the process - good lord, how does one get an instant tree??? Finally, I noticed myself and this weird energy and began to be present in my decorating, and my mind became more calm. What a brilliant reflection to me of what I have been doing in my life!

So, again, a reminder to trust the path! I know that all of my life goals will happen in right order and time, and, more importantly, those people who are meant to be opened to healing through the course or the trips will come when they come. Nothing good and beautiful can be rushed!

I hope that you, too, can take some time to just savor life’s process, follow the path, and trust that beauty and light will come!

Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray

Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys.