Fierce Warriors

I spend a lot of time thinking about the people who come to my yoga classes.  It doesn't feel right at all to call them my students, as I learn as much from them as they might learn from me.  It is a privilege every week to guide them on the path of yoga.

One thing that strikes me again and again is the courage it takes to show up to one of my classes.  We are always exploring our edges - and yoga really puts all of a person right into their spotlight.  Something which you might be able to hide or forget when moving through daily life often pops up when the eyes are closed or when you put the body in a certain position.  And, my class being more of a reflective yoga class rather than a gym workout, I am always inviting everyone to explore different ideas or ways of being in the world.

So, I am always bowing in deep gratitude to my yoga community, and here I am expressing it!

I hope that you, too, have a safe place where you can go and explore how it is to be alive in this world.