Tech Fast

One of the things that we all realized during the retreat I recently attended at Kripalu was the great value in unplugging from our phones.  While there are some benefits to having smartphones, this sense that we always need to be accessible does not lead to a sense of true connection or joy.  Many people expressed the opposite - a sense of anxiety without even being able to pinpoint the source.

After a few weeks of being pretty good with the device, last week, I found myself turning the phone on first thing.  While I wasn't looking at news, I even found that reading emails, texts, and other conversations before I had started my day did not sit well with me.  I was reacting to people's comments without thinking, and found that my days were just off. 

So, I have decided to not turn on my phone until I leave for work in the morning.  This simple practice has led to me leading much more pleasant and focused days. 

You, too, might consider some amount of tech fast during the day.  You might be interested to see what happens.



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