Courage to Change

Last week, my sister in law hosted Thanksgiving for the first time.  For a number of years, we had been engaging in the same family Thanksgiving tradition which really just was not working.  She had the courage to step forward and change the routine, and we had an amazing, relaxing, peaceful dinner. 

Earlier in the week, my daughter had the courage to stand up for herself in a weird housing situation and is now getting ready to move into a new, nicer apartment.

A long time member of the choir I sing in is now packing up to move across the country to live in a new house near his daughter.

This all got me thinking about how so many times, it is so easy to stay in the status quo rather than to change into what will likely be a more favorable situation.  For some reason, we have a tendency to just continue with something that is not ideal simply because it feels easier.

You, too, might take a moment to check in with your life to see if there is something you might want to change.  It may make your life even better!


Copyright 2017 Nancy C Murray

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