Yesterday, my husband ran the Cape Cod marathon! 

For any person this is quite an accomplishment, but, as we returned home yesterday, he reminded me of the decades long story he had carried with him that he could not run more than a mile.  This was something that still felt true to him only 4 years ago when our daughter graduated from high school.

He had run the Boston Marathon twice in college without training - running after a long swim season when his cardiovascular system was strong, but he hadn't trained his legs.  The second time, he had somehow injured his knee and was left with the sense that he had ruined running for himself permanently.  He had continued to swim consistently, but running was something that was gone for him.

One summer, he started to do the sprint triathlons every week at a lake near our house.  Then, when he found he could run that distance, he expanded to Olympic distance triathlons.  Having mastered that, he moved on and did a half ironman this January.  This race included a 1.2 mile swim, 50 miles on the bike and then a half marathon.  March, it was a half marathon race, and now, the actual marathon - the beast that had started the "non able" story to begin with!  Vanquished!

What story are you carrying within yourself that you might have the courage to face and prove wrong?



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