A Healing Day on the Camino

Today, we woke up to a yoga practice on the patio of the hotel, serenaded by the rushing river and the birds, under a cloudy sky which occasionally broke to give us a view of the moon. We practiced postures to nourish our bodies for the long walk ahead.
We had breakfast at the hotel, had another weird water event where the taps only provided hot water (!) and then started back onto the bus. We were all happy to see Tito and Jose. Our meeting today was on the bus and Hugh introduced us to the two words for the day, healing and acceptance. We have all been very moved by the poems he has selected. Our attention assignment was to notice those things along the path that had been broken and then repaired, or, in other words, newly perfect.
After reiki blessings, we set off - some more quickly and agile than others. This is a tough start as the body is so impacted already by the long walking but perhaps not quite used to the long distances. We spent some time in the city of Palas de Rei and then worked our way into the enchanted forest. We were delighted again today to walk with many different pilgrims from around the world. We have really enjoyed being with 70 12-year old boys who have such joy and energy. Unfortunately today was our last day with them on the path as they are skipping a stage and walking into Santiago tomorrow.
We had a large Camino miracle when one of our group lost her pilgrims credential and Hugh was able to run back a few km and actually found it. I cant describe how exactly impossible this was, but there was much rejoicing!
Lunch was amazing again today, just outside the city of Melide and we all met at the end of an impossibly long hill to hop into the bus and drive out here to Paradise.
Seriously, this hotel A Painza is what we think of as heaven. I cannot describe how beautiful it is and how well cared for we feel. Evening meeting was in the garden and we walked together for the most amazing family style meal of grilled vegetables and paella. We all applauded the chef at the end of the meal. He was a one person show, doing all of the cooking and also the serving.
The end of the day, after such hard work exploring the parts of our lives that need to be healed as well as what we just have to accept we are so grateful to have such a magnificent place to rest.