Are you looking to bring more light and energy into your life? Do you feel like there is something in your life that might need some healing? Are you looking for a way through what seems to be insurmountable stress? Would you like to sleep better?

It is our joy to provide transformational healing services to help you realize your own light and potential.

Nancy Murray can walk with you into healing using Reiki, Yoga Therapy and intuitive skills. She can help you heal body, mind and soul so that you can walk forward into a life of light and joy.

If you are unsure which to choose, I will be happy to discuss these with you in person - either by phone 860-521-8186, email or actually face to face!

Healing Services provided include:


Reiki is a divine healing energy, originally discovered in Japan by Mikao Usui.   Rei Ki is translated as Divine Universal Life Force Energy.    It is traditionally conveyed from the practitioner to the recipient through the practitioner's hands, although it is not necessary for the hands to touch that which is being healed. Nancy Murray is a Reiki master, trained by Brett Bevell,  and can provide healing, both in person and long distance for many issues including:

  • Fatigue

  • Stress

  • General well being

  • Psychological issues

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is an individualized session designed to heal your body, mind and spirit. A typical session includes discussion, yoga postures, meditation and breathing instruction, all tailored to treat your specific issue. The first session will include a detailed evaluation. You need not have any prior experience with yoga to benefit from this healing session.

Nancy earned her yoga therapy certification from the Pranakriya School of yoga therapy and received the C-IAYT designation. 

Common issues which can be addressed in a yoga therapy session include:

  • Back pain

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Chronic pain

  • Tight or imbalanced muscles

  • Weakness

  • Brain function