Unlimited Abundance

One of my favorite spiritual practices is walking in nature. I love to walk alone and with friends, and often receive great insight and teachings from the animals and the world around me. We are very lucky in our town to have access to trails around two beautiful reservoirs, and each one has a point with an inlet of constantly rushing water. We will often pause at these to listen to the sounds of the water, or to contemplate something around the water. Depending on the thought or topic of conversation, the rushing water has a lot to teach us.

The other day, I was walking alone and stopped at one of these spots, which just happens to be within yards of my new house. As I watched this seemingly limitless flow of water pour into the reservoir, I looked behind me for the source and realized that there was no evident source - no river behind me, no other reservoir pouring in. This water is always flowing, and while I’m sure that someone from the MDC knows just where it is coming from, for ME it was a great representation of the limitless source of abundance that we are surrounded by. This abundance comes in the form of love and healing and joy if we simply allow it. Sometimes, we can block this flow by fears or worries or feeling that we are not worthy, but it is there nonetheless. The other aspect of abundance that this flowing water reminded me of is that we don’t have to understand its source, nor can we control it, it just comes as it does, often in a form different from any way we could have imagined.

I invite you this week to observe this flow in your life, and whether you allow it or somehow turn it away.

Copyright 2019 Nancy C Murray