Lighten Up

I have been struck today, which is a national holiday here in the US, at how light-hearted everyone seems. The day started with the annual 4th of July parade - a campy hometown thing where anyone who wants to can just show up and march, bike, drive, or ride - many throwing candy. The rest watch and enjoy the spectacle. There is really nothing more spontaneous or less orchestrated than this annual event, which brings such joy to everyone involved. We just gather together to celebrate summer, each other, and the fact that we are all lucky enough to live in this beautiful country. The crowd is all smiles and no one stops to wonder about the politics of someone else, or anything else for that matter. Wear your red, white and blue or don’t, and you are just embraced as part of the event.

This has made me reflect, as I do often, about how so many times we are way too caught up in one thing or another that we have built a sense of importance around. Much of the time, people are so busy wrapped up in whatever is going on for them that they forget the natural joy of being alive. This is not to say, of course, that there are never times that you have to go through that are unpleasant, just that it seems that people often take a sense of obligation, fear, or dread into so many things that don’t need to be that way. If you are lucky enough to live in a free country, as I do, I suggest that you take the light-heartedness of this summer day into your regular life.

I am now off to enjoy this summer day! I hope that you can too!

Copyright 2019 Nancy C Murray