Embrace Life

A confluence of events has led me to think about this topic today!

Here are the seemingly unrelated things that I am digesting:

Yesterday, I had a wonderful and unexpected visit from some great college friends passing through town. What a joy it was to see them! Their visit turned an ordinary day into something extraordinary. They live in Colorado and were driving through town on their way to Boston and just thought of stopping by. We had a spontaneous lunch and had a great time catching up. Better, really, than any planned event might be. An abundance of love dropped at my door!

In May, my family had the best day of our lives when we visited some distant relatives of my husband in Ireland. I won’t say that it was as spontaneous a visit as the above, but it did not come from the amount of planning that you might think such a momentous day would require. It was such a joy to meet our family, and what we had thought would be a short visit morphed into a full day event with many new found relatives. I will always remember the joy in my heart when being greeted with such kindness by so many open hearted people. Had that day been more planned out, we might not have had the time to flow with the day as it turned out.

A dear friend from high school is posting that he has a brain tumor. A friend’s brother died quickly in his mid fifties. Another friend related how spending time with her family around the death of an elder and the sickness of her husband has made her reprioritize.

So, I am simply pondering how it might be to move forward with even more open arms to the glory of the day. I am a person who leans more into the planning, and the considering every aspect of something, and even, of course, thinking that I can control so many things that are beyond my control.

How would it be to move through every day as if with open arms? How would it be to meet each person you see with the love and joy with which I was greeted by my friends and our long lost relatives? Can you open your heart even more to receive the abundance which is right in front of you if you are just open to receive it?

Copyright 2019 Nancy C Murray

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Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys.