Irish Hospitality

Today was a great day! Meditation this morning was done in restorative yoga postures. After a delicious breakfast, we all drove down to Doolin to take the ferry to Inis Oir. The waters were astoundingly rough, but the confident crew took good care of us. I was sitting in the front row and saw true Irish hospitality as the crew passed bags out to those who were sick!! 

We arrived alive to the island where we were all glad we had brought rain gear as we were treated to a more complete morning of rain. After a refreshing stop at a tea room, we walked through the unique town, with high limestone rock walls lining the street and Scott explained how the entire island had been barren like the burren until some people settled the land, making it fertile by moving rocks into the walls and carrying seaweed up to fill the crevices and ultimately to create soil.

Our next stop was St. Gobnait's chapel and well. There, we were treated to our daily teaching from Susan, We learned about Gobnait and her life and then learned about the Celtic concept of hospitality which is so evident in all the people we have met so far. She invited us to be hospitable ourselves to follow the call of spirit just as Gobnait was. Similar to what I often write about following the path. You may not know the destination, but listen and trust and see where the divine is calling you to go.

Today was our free day and we all practiced this as each of us followed where we felt guided. Some explored the village while others climbed to visit a castle. Some took the early ferry while others stayed on the island for a drink by the fire.  

The early departure people either went shopping upon return or returned to the retreat center, where they were themselves greated by warm fires started with hospitality by the center staff, anticipating we'd be cold upon return. 

The group that stayed on the island enjoyed the clearing of the rain and explored the more removed parts of the island. The walls separating the fields from each other were spectacular with the rocks on the shore and the burren behind. We visited St. Enda's well and along our wanderings were treated to wildflowers, seals,  birds, and some monuments.  

No matter the departure time, we all had rolling rides back to the mainland, including a boat tour of the cliffs. The early boat had a foggy view, the later boat had a full view of the cliffs and some puffins, although it was cloudy and not as brilliant as yesterday.  Upon reaching land, I personally felt the same exhilaration you feel after surviving any harrowing adventure. So glad to have done it!

The retreat center is so welcoming and we are all preparing for bed in our own ways. Looking forward to wherever spirit will guide us tomorrow.  

We invite you to join us in offering hospitality to divine guidance, and also to those around you.  


Copyright 2019 Nancy C Murray