At the Threshold

Today was certainly a full day, as days of pilgrimage are!

We started the day with a meditation including Reiki healing to bring in light and joy.  Breakfast brought more lovingly prepared food, and then we gathered in the studio to listen to Susan teach about the Celtic teachings regarding light and threshold.  We were all invited to explore the Celtic idea of threshold today.  What might we be moving towards in our lives.  Could we consider moving forward into the unknown?

Move forward into the unknown is just what we did, as we hopped on a bus, driven by the intrepid Francie, and went to the Burren.  We were all so grateful to have Scott with us as he described the Burren and how it was formed.  In this sea of rock he described the geological factors which led to this giant barren of limestone.  As intriguing and beautiful as the otherworldly landscape were the diversity of wildflowers.  Scott explained to us that the Burren is home to windflowers from both high north locations as well as tropical locations, and we were particularly interested in seeing the many different wild orchids. 

As we walked into the Burren, there was a sign saying that the weather was very changable and that we should be prepared for changing weather.  That has been the case this whole time with torrential rain being replaced by warm sun in what seems to be an instant.  The Burren seemed to have this variability even more, and we certainly saw a diversity of weather as well as a diversity of flowers!  Ironically, it began to rain just as we sat to eat our picnic lunch!  It was delicious nonetheless.

After lunch, some of us hiked to the summit of the hill and some us had had enough and went down early to the bus.  We all ultimately gathered at the bus, and then drove to the Poulnabrone Dolmen, which is an iconic tomb over 5000 years old.  It was beautiful and radiated a strong light energy, in keeping with our theme.

After all of the work of the hike, our last stop was at Vaughn’s pub, where we were all fortified by a snack and some drinks!

At dinner, we were remarking how we had not yet seen a rainbow, when one of our pilgrims opened the door and said, “Well, there's one."  We all ran out and were delighted to see half a rainbow, and we could even see the end where it touched the earth.  Of course!  We are in Ireland after all!

This evening, many of us enjoyed a yoga class in the beautiful studio, connecting to the energy of the sunset and basking in the light.  We may not know where we are heading, but we are at a most auspicious threshold indeed.

In the USA, it is Memorial Day, which many consider to be the first day of summer.  How might you consider this concept of threshold in your life today?

Copyright 2019  Nancy C Murray