Ask for Help

Last week, my daughter moved out of her apartment in anticipation of a greater move across the country. It was my joy to have some time to help her move, but we had a very small window of time between when I could get there and when I needed to be home. She has lived on her own for 6 years, and most recently had been living alone in a one bedroom apartment, so, while her apartment was small, she had all the furniture and fixtures one might have to get by. She was lucky that a high school friend happened to be driving through her town the day of the move and offered to help us pack up the moving van. She didn’t even have to ask! The three of us worked hard and packed the van in about two hours of work. I was amazed at how much the rented cargo van held!

As I left to drive home, my google was telling me that the usual one hour drive would be more like two. At first I was worried, as there would be no way that I could get the van home, unpacked and returned in time. Also, I was hoping to attend a rehearsal of a singing group I was recently invited to be in, and, after a day of giving, I was really looking forward to the joy of singing in harmony with good friends. As I figured it, my husband and I would only have about 10 minutes to unload the van and to stay on schedule. I called him from the road and asked him if he could find some help. As I drove home, I was calculating if it would be possible for me to get to the end of the chorus practice, or if I would have to miss it all together.

I pulled into the driveway exactly when I had expected, having driven through some interesting traffic, and Hugh came right out to start unloading with me. That was when 4 people came dashing down the driveway. The contents of the entire van was unpacked and in our house in 8 minutes!! It felt to me like a miracle. Hugh had texted everyone he could think of while I was driving, and four had time to help. Of course, it was their pleasure, as any one of us loves to help our friends when asked, and it only took 15 minutes of their time, including travel. One couple stayed, and we caught up and shared a drink. Van returned, I arrived at chorus practice right as they were singing the first song.

Most of us are willing to help others, but how many times do we actually ask for help when we need it? How many times do we go through life thinking that we have to or should shoulder everything on our own? Calling for help when needed really benefited me and also emphasized again how nice it is to be in the company of other people. While we live so separated in our society, it is nice to remember that we are not alone.

This week you might consider how you might ask for help - give someone else the opportunity to feel the joy of giving!

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