The Way will show the way

Like many people my age, my life seems to be rapidly changing, I seem to have life figured out and then I am asked again to shift and to grow. While life has been like this for some time, this year I have had my edges tested again and again. We were moving - we are not moving - maybe we will move? My daughter, who was basically gone for four years while in college, has lived nearby for two, but now she will be leaving soon to live in California. Friends and relatives continue to age and I watch their resulting joys and challenges. My own work shifts and stays the same all at the same time as I am developing personally and spiritually and I am called to teach and help others along their path. I am writing a book, and wondering how it will look. Questions about the future and my life path abound.

The other day, I was sitting, trying to meditate but ended up wondering: what will be my next step? To whom do I offer my teachings? Where do I offer them? Do I focus more on private classes or group? How can I attract people to my healing practices? Will I continue to offer trips, maybe in a different form? Questions and questions and questions. And then, it came to me. Obvious. I get to walk the Camino again in September! That magical, brilliant, life affirming path! Since my first step on it, it has informed my life and my teachings, and I get to go again!

The first time I walked the Camino de Santiago, my youngest child was starting college and I was moving forward into a new life where I could again be primarily focused on my own development and career. I could not believe the insight and the magic of the path, and, having learned what I needed to at the time, I went confidently in the direction revealed to me. But, the more important lessons of the path were resilience - trusting the path, the ups and the downs, and that what needs to be revealed will be revealed in right time.

So, by the grace of divine timing, I get to walk again. I am so looking forward to leading another group of pilgrims down the path with Hugh and Jose. If you find that you are called to join us, a very limited number of spots are available. I can’t wait to see what gifts the path has for us this time!

Copyright 2019 Nancy C Murray

Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys.