The Hero's Journey

The other day, I was talking with a friend, and he suggested that life is just like the hero’s journey. I agreed with him right away and have been pondering that concept ever since.

I think that many of us wish that life was more predictable. Like walking on the Camino in some ways - you wake up, follow the yellow arrows and shell markers, and voila, after some number of days or weeks, you arrive in Santiago de Compostela. Of course, this analysis is ignoring the fact that there are other things that happen along the way that are unpredictable, magical, painful, and enlightening!

Life itself is, frankly, so much more uncertain! Every day, we all do our best to find the most favorable way forward for ourselves. We make decisions all the time without really knowing where they will lead. A change in the order in which you do things in ordinary day, for example, might lead to a fortuitous meeting with a long lost friend or someone who might give you some light, help, or insight. On a grander scale, we make choices about where to work, where to live, where to go to school based on the best information that we have at the time. Sometimes the choices bring about the result that we thought would come about and sometimes the result is the complete opposite of what we thought would happen. However, in the perceived misstep, we might learn something important about ourselves and the world or we might meet important people in our lives. What is key is that we keep following our instincts, trusting that each day, we have the opportunity to start over again. Some things might take a little longer to shift and other things not so much.

Like the mythical hero or a Camino pilgrim, we just have to trust that each twist and turn, each up and down, will ultimately lead us to the perfect destination.

Copyright 2019 Nancy C Murray

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Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys.