Letting go and moving forward!

Today was our final day together - the day when we transitioned from our arrival in Santiago to making the turn for home, moving from sacred time and space on pilgrimage back to daily life. 

We drove an hour to “the edge of the earth” and as we made our way we were awestruck by the views down the mountainsides and along the coastline that were wrapped in fog making the scenery all the more magical. 

Enroute we made two stops, one to the top of the earth where we were delighted to be reunited with Jose and to meet his wife Nancy and son Sam. We could see clearly in all four directions. The water below was covered in fog and the sky above was clear blue. Nancy, Jose's wife, told us several stories, including that of the arrival of St. James to these shores and the story of how the scallop shell became the symbol of the Camino. Nancy Murray led us in a bit of circle yoga where we remembered our star nature.

The other stop was to see an ancient sacred stone structure that was about 5,000 years old. We were all able to nestle inside and in walking out we were “reborn.”

Soon after, we arrived at our beach and gathered for our last sacred circle - a closing ceremony to help us make the shift back home with the words of the day, “letting go.” We talked about how important it was to carry forward the Camino in our lives and that to do so, we needed to let go of the burdens that were holding us back from living as our true, authentic selves we met on Camino.  We then let go of our burdens by taking some silent time to toss a rock we had selected and carried on the Camino into the ocean. Once we gathered again after letting go, we held the loved ones our group had recently lost (as well as all those close to us who had died) in our hearts. We closed with our final blessing and a dinner together - our lives forever changed by the Camino and each other!!

Sono luce (I am light and so are you!!), 


Copyright 2018 Angela Martin

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Guest post by Angela Martin, a seeker of truth, beauty and goodness, and writer and award-winning author who writes on her contemplative journey in the second half of life. Angela is co-leading the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage with Nancy Murray, September 14-23, 2018.