It's a Joy to Walk the Camino!

We woke up this morning in our beautiful casitas, welcomed to the day by what is now our customary fog. Some of us gathered on the lawn under the grape arbor for some wake up yoga. We all laughed when some local dogs joined in with our breath of joy!

Our hotel breakfast was the best so far, and we joyfully hoped on the bus where,  of course, we learned that the word from the day was joy. Angela has given us fun hand gestures for each word which we have really enjoyed.  The bus took us back to where we had finished our walk yesterday and off we went into the mist.  The day brought people joy in their own ways. People walked alone, with each other,  and with some new people this time. While we had a decent stretch of the path in our first bigger city, Arzua, most of the day was in the beloved Camino forest.  

Lunch was a welcome site 9 miles in. It seems like every lunch is better than the one before, if that is even possible. As our hotel tonight is right on the path, we all really walked at our own paces in the afternoon. 

Another fun meeting, family dinner at a long table, and now off to bed with mixed feelings about there only being 20 km left. Santiago tomorrow! 

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Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray

Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys. 


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