Camino Light and Acceptance

We woke up this morning to another fog blanketing us with mist. Many of us started the day with yoga on the hotel patio.  We had another long table for breakfast and then all met together to start the day in our morning circle.  Angela let us know that today's words were acceptance and light, and even gave us fun hand gestures to go with the words! In good spirits,  we left Portomarin together. 

The first part of the day - the dreaded 2 mile uphill hike went by without a hitch for any of us. Buoyed by each others presence, the fog, and a veritable throng of people leaving Portomarin.  Frankly, I wondered how long we would be so congested!  The answer was, as always, not long as people began to walk at their favored places.  

The morning was one of miracles and insights as our pilgrims began to settle into being pilgrims - as one of us brilliantly stated at the end of the day, it is amazing on this path how quickly conversations drop into the heart of things - with whomever you are walking with. All need for pretense or mask or protection can drop away.  

The fog stayed in the valley and we climbed into the sunlight. The rest of the day was beautifully sunny, which was nice but certainly made the walk that much harder. We continued to have rolling hills, noticing mostly the uphills!! We were so grateful to gather together at Jose's picnic. Amazingly, we all arrived within 15 minutes of each other, even after walking 8 miles. 

We left for the second half of the day which was as conversation filled as the first. We passed a fiesta in one of the villages and some of us danced as we passed by. At this point, our group was walking at different paces as the afternoon heat and sun had different effects on different people.  We all made it to Palais de Rei , thrilled to have made it, and thrilled for a rest.

We are staying away from the path tonight in a bucolic hotel with a mineral bath water circuit that many of us enjoyed. Our meeting could have gone longer with many sharing Camino Joy's and challenges. We didnt get much journaling time but got many ideas from Angela. Dinner together in the hotel and we are now off to bed. 

A long, satisfying tiring day. Forgive my typos, I wont be editing tonight! 


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Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys. 

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