Well, today, while teaching my class, I had a great insight about what to write in the blog this afternoon.  It was amazing, and I thought surely if I shared it I could save the world.  Of course, coming out of that meditative space, it floated away like a dandelion puff.  So, I will have to leave saving the world for another day.

Instead, maybe I can just add some thoughts about stuff.  By this, I mean things.  Over this past year, much of my life has been occupied by moving or storing other people's stuff.  My children have moved in and out of the house a few times, and their stuff is mostly modest quantities of things that are necessary for daily life.  In contrast, last summer, I helped to move my father from his larger house into a small condo.  Having lived considerably longer than my kids, he had the opportunity to store a lot more "stuff,"  much of which reminded him of one time of his life or another.  We took some of the things that he was still not ready to let go of.  As a result, one of our plastic tables ended up swaying with the weight of it all and having to be thrown away, and the ping pong table is unusable and also likely broken. 

This is not in any way a calling out of my father.  Just using him as an example of what many of us do.  My own attic and other half of the basement is full of stuff of my own.  Why is it that we accumulate stuff and then store it away rather than pass it on to someone else or throw it away?  Is it a thought that if we throw something away from a certain time then that experience might disappear as well?  Does it come from a sense of lack - maybe think we will not have enough in the future to get the stuff we need?  Maybe it just accumulated because we didn't have the time when we stored it to treat it properly.  Do we really need to understand why?

What I find when surrounded by too much stuff is that I myself begin to feel energetically blocked.  Almost like the stuff is keeping ME from moving forward. 

So, my husband and I are TRYING to make a concerted effort to go through the things that we have accumulated.  A bit at a time, as there is still real life to get to as well!  In my own case, fifty plus years worth of stuff will not disappear in a day. 

You might consider finding one corner or closet to clear out for yourself today.  See how it affects your daily life!!

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