Energy Flow

Over the course of the summer, I have been exploring the ideas of energy flow and abundance. I have come to see abundance of all kinds like a river, which would like to be continuously flowing.  Light, love, material abundance just flowing in a way that we can all receive enough.  However, there are countless ways that we block this flow, like a dam.  Thus, the flow might get stuck or mutated in some way.  In my case, it is from an unconscious and sometimes conscious thought that I am not deserving of this abundance.  That thought alone is enough to stop the flow, but it is usually followed by some kind of deflection or rejecting behavior.  This might show up as refusing to accept a compliment or underestimating my ability.  Each one of these things tells the universe and that I am not quite ready to receive.

So, what to do when confronted with this?   It is helpful to just be aware of this and to notice when I engage in blocking the flow.  I keep repeating to myself a phrase from a meditation by Johanna Mosca,  "feel the carefree abundance that you are."  This has gone a long way this summer in helping me  feel more open, joyful and free.  

You, too, might consider your relationship to the concept of abundance.  How can you start to remove some of the blocks you have built up to receiving this?

Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray

Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys.