Last weekend, I attended my high school reunion.  Due to the tireless efforts of a few members of our class, we had a large number of people come back, which was amazing.  My thoughts after the reunion are swirling, but one element that I am thinking of is how nice it is to see these people at this stage in our lives.  Most of them were not my best friends in high school, but it is a joy to see them - whether I saw them at the last reunion or maybe longer ago. 

Whereas in high school, we may have all defined ourselves as one way or another or created some kind of sense of separation, it felt like those barriers were simply dissolved.  We all focused on what we have in common rather than what divides us.  One classmate reflected that she likes to see what the general theme is of a reunion, and it is interesting to see how we all have evolved together.  People were talking about growing or grown kids, taking care of aging parents, plans for the future.  WAY less emphasis on profession or status.  I felt a definite softening of everyone's edges and a deeper sense of class connection than I had in prior years.  We moved around like a class of 1983 pod. 

It would be nice if every day was like a day at the reunion.  A lot of fun, laughter, and a true desire for connection with people.  Every day, we are all craving that.  How would it be if today, wherever you are, you worked to break down barriers rather than building them?

Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray


Photo by Rebecca Arvidson Kelly