This week, I have been thinking about the idea of the pause.  If you are in my class, you know this, as it is the theme we have been exploring in class.  I would like to say, particularly during this busy time, but really, don't we think of reasons to be busy all the time?  So, NOW, consider the importance of taking a pause.

This might manifest as a short break in a day - maybe even just the time that it takes to breath in and out - to remind yourself of your truth, your basic goodness, your path.  Some days that might be all you feel you have time for.  Other days, maybe you can take a bit longer for yourself - a mini retreat in the form of going to a yoga class or taking a walk, or taking time for a bath, a pedicure, reiki, massage, some gardening - whatever feels nurturing.

Then, it is also important to take longer pauses.  Times where you truly step away and reconnect with yourself or to even reflect and redefine where you would like to go in your life.  I like to go on retreat at least twice a year for a weekend - sometimes with a specific teacher, sometimes just for R&R.  The benefit of doing nothing, even at home, cannot be understated.

Finally, there is the pilgrimage!  The ultimate pause where you get to take a physical journey into the unknown so that you can strip away whatever false elements might be defining you in your "regular" life and explore in sacred time and space that which truly brings you light, life and inspiration.

How might you nurture yourself with a pause today?  This month?  This year?

Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray