Iona - Healing

We looked forward to today with a variety of emotions as it was the first day with real rain forecast. A small and hearty group set out on today's hike bright and early to beat the worst of the rain and to be able to rock hunt in some rain, which makes the colored rocks easier to find.  A slightly larger group gathered in Oran chapel for the day's healing, pranayama and chanting. The energy of the ancient chapel is amazing, and we are always joined by two chickadees.

All but the hearty walkers gathered for another amazing breakfast where I announced the day's word which is HEALING. We read the Iona community healing prayer and discussed being open to receiving the healing of a quiet day enjoying wind and rain. It was a much needed rest day for many of us, as we separated and did our own things mostly. Activities chosen included the guided Iona abbey tour, shopping, knitting, reading and laughing together. 

Many of us gathered for yoga in the chapter room in the Iona abbey. We were very privileged to obtain use of the room on our rainy day and it was a magical experience.  

Leisure time followed and we had a wonderful afternoon meeting discussing our experiences today. People certainly found healing in the ordinary and extraordinary events of the day. 

We were gifted with the Iona blue sky and a lovely sunset at the end of the day.   

How can you being healing into your life today?? 


Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray

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