Last year, I was lucky enough to take a poetry writing class at Manchester Community College with Steve Straight.  What a world this has opened up for me!  I took the class on a whim, since Steve is such a great person, but I had never written a poem before.  I thought it might be impossible, and didn't see myself as a poet at all.  Through Steve's kind-hearted teaching, I found that I CAN write poems.  A year after the class has ended, I continue to write.

Why?  I find that I love to play with the words, trying to find just the right one. Sometimes, a poem wants to be written and, in the writing, I learn something deeper about the topic or myself.  This is always a surprise, and the poem gets written and rewritten, and might even spawn additional poems.  If you've been reading the blog for a while, you can also see that I love to be succinct.  The poem is quintessentially succinct - crafted always to eliminate extraneous words while striving to be clear.  

I also love to see how words can paint a picture. It is so great if a poem can make someone feel like they were there with me, too, even without a physical photograph!

What else have I gained?  A few of us from the class continue to meet once a month to read and review each other's poems.  Not only does this make my writing better, but it has gotten to be a monthly joy to connect with these brilliant and creative people.

I must confess that I may not have tried this if I hadn't known and trusted Steve so well, but I would suggest as my nugget for the day that you try something new, something that you think could even be impossible.  You might just surprise yourself!

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