Re entry

So, here I am, four days home from our journey to Iona. The process of returning home has been interesting. The question really, is, how to a keep the lessons of the pilgrimage and also participate in daily life.

This is really a question that comes up for me every time I return from such a trip or any kind of retreat or spiritual journey.  One can't help but be transformed even as the leader of the trip.

One thing in particular I am focusing on this week is keeping my heart open, even in the face of fearful or closed off people. It is easy to be open-hearted and loving in an idyllic place - how does that look when there are layers and layers of stories to hear and things to take care of?  Also, I'm trying not to take on responsibility for other people's choices. (see more on that in my post from April   ) Can we all love each other, just the way that we are, flaws and all? 

So, this blog might not be the most coherent thing I have written, but that is all part of the process of gluing myself back together in a new, renewed way.  I'm sure more and more lessons will reveal themselves as the days pass.  In the meantime, enjoy with me the beautiful spring days!

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