Iona - New Beginnings

Today was our last day waking up on Iona.  Many of us expressed how the week started out feeling like it would be so long and how we now can't believe it is over. For the first time this week, we woke up to a clear blue sunny sky. The 5:30 am team hiked Dun I or jogged.  Some others took similar early hikes, and a good sized group, joined by our Canadian friend, had our closing chanting and healing service in St. Oran's.  We went through our morning breakfast bathed in sun and Susan discussed today's word which is two words NEW BEGINNINGS.  We were invited to consider what new beginnings might come as a result of what we have learned during this pilgrimage.  

Some of us went wistfully to our last service in the abbey, complete with its perfectly imperfect music and sweet soul.  

After church, we found the hotel sunroom filled with kilt clad men (and boys, including a 6 month old and his 2 year old brother) and well dressed women preparing to attend a wedding today in the abbey. Amazing!

A few last minute this and thats and we gathered in the sun at the ferry dock where the ferry peacefully carried us across to Mull. (This was in contrast to yesterday where the ferry ran only a couple of times in the gale.) 

The day today is vibrant and the travel has gone without a hitch. As I write this on our last bus, some are sleeping, others quietly contemplating the gorgeous highland scenery out the window.

What will be the fruit of this pilgrimage? 

Every moment is an opportunity for starting new. How might you bring this energy into your day today? 


Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray


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Light in the abbey today.  


Scott's boots. Will they leave on their own?


Goodbye for now, Iona.