Iona - Peace

Today, some of us woke up early to the promise of a rainbow. Those who saw it varied from seeing it from their bedroom window to on the top of a nearby hill! (The hill seers noticed the rainbow while caught in a deluge of rain!)  The weather early was generally lovely so we had the usual groups of early walkers, joggers, and the ever growing group of us of to St. Oran's chapel for healing and chanting. After a delightful breakfast where we learned that today's word is PEACE, some attended a nice Abbey morning service (where after yet another train wreck of a first song, a few of us seized on the second song's familiar tune and prevented musical disaster! 😀)

Our entire group, joined by a nice pilgrim travelling alone from Canada,  took a beautiful clear sunny walk through bogs and fields to what we affectionately called Scott's Beach. This is the beach that Scott had determined to have the greatest concentration of serpentine marble. We enjoyed finding rocks and exploring. Some took a steep walk to another canyon and saw a cliff side with many cormorant nests. 

After lunch, we separated and one group went to more rock hunting and another went to look at the old marble quarry.  

We all returned in the afternoon and some shopped, others sat at the hotel picnic tables having refreshments, and others walked some more. 

Some of us did a yoga class amid the ruins of the old nunnery.  Amazing practice on the grass under a clear blue sky with the wind blowing and the birds singing. 

Our afternoon meeting was another great geological talk by Scott.  We also shared rocks and left some on the table to give away. 

We ended the day with a walk to see the sunset.  

Deep peace of the running waves to you.  

Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray

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Serpentine marble



Sun this morning after chanting


Wave spray