You Are Enough

I am the wind as I walk,
my pace quickening of late.
I can feel the energy of spring
rising up through the earth and in me.
I breathe in the sweet air with each step,
trusting that I’m finding my way.

“You are much faster than me,”
she says as we pass each other.
She on the left, me on the right.
I slow my pace and turn to her,
“You are doing just fine,” I say,
“You are enough.”

I’ve done the same so many times,
let self-doubt squash my joy.
Why do we not let our light shine?
When we feel we are less,
we live in a place of darkness.
Let your light in.

Let it flood your very being
with the awareness of who you are.
Find your light and let it shine
for all to see.
Who are you, my friend?
I am…


But, most of all, I am me
and that is enough.

Sono luce (I am light) – and so are you,



Copyright 2018 Angela Martin

Guest post by Angela Martin, a seeker of truth, beauty and goodness, and writer and award-winning author who writes on her contemplative journey in the second half of life. Angela is co-leading the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage with Nancy Murray, September 14-23, 2018.