This week, I am making the final preparations for our pilgrimage to Iona.  It is interesting to observe in myself and in others what this means.  For me, it is so exciting to have the first trip sponsored by Deep Peace about to launch.  While it is not the first pilgrimage that any of us will be leading, it is the first my own company is coordinating, and there is a sweetness to that.  I personally have been double and triple checking lists, travel itineraries, and other details to make sure that our trip is as seamless as possible.  And then checking again. I know that for any pilgrimage the unexpected is often where the lessons are, but I am starting the trip trying my best to make it as smooth as possible. 

Layered on top of this is great anticipation for me as well as for everyone else on the trip.  Most of us have been planning to go on this trip for over a year.  The fact that it is actually happening is somewhat surreal.  Some have been to Iona and for others it is the first time.  By all accounts, it is a magical land, and I can't wait to see what it has in store for us.

It is also interesting to see how the excitement manifests for each one of us.  Some are concerned about clothes to bring, others about directions, others about their own level of fitness and I can go on.  Pilgrimage being a vehicle of great spiritual insight and awakening, I at least am focusing on the tangible things I think I can control as we wait in anticipation of the unknowable mystery that awaits us.

Copyright 2018  Nancy C Murray