You cannot worry about someone and love them at the same time.
— Abraham-Hicks Publications

This week, I read the above quote, which in my mind became somewhat like a Buddhist Koan.  I was basically raised to equate worrying with love, so what could this quote mean?  Angela and I tackled this idea on a recent walk. 

When I began to ponder this from my deeper self, I realized that to truly love someone, you have to completely trust in their own ability to navigate the ups and downs of life with success.  Of course, you wish for them only ups, but that is not, of course, what it would mean to be truly alive.  Consider worries like those for safety, health, and happiness.  Of course you want your loved one to experience those, but, as I've said before, some danger, illness, sadness, are all part of everyone's journey.  Likewise, as parents, we might worry about our children finding a vocation,  a job, a place to live, etc.  True love would manifest in trusting that our children will be guided on the perfect path for them. 

Trusting in the divine flow,  I began to understand this thought.  After years of practicing worry, it will take some time practicing this other way, but I am willing to try.

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