Turn it Off

A classic mid-March snow storm blanketed our town this week.  We reacted in a way that has become standard with weather events these days.  People started talking about The Storm days in advance, schools were closed the morning of the day the storm was to start, schools were closed the day after the snow fell.  Even my husband's office was closed due to the storm.  It was like the storm was going to be the end of the world.  

But I live in New England; it snows here all the time.  We all know how to drive in the snow (well most of us) and we have excellent snow clearing equipment. 

What were the facts?  The storm was scheduled to drop snow some time after noon on Wednesday, with the heaviest snow being later in the day.  I woke up to a very light dusting of snow, the roads and sidewalks were clear, a bit of dandruff on the grass.  While public schools were cancelled, thankfully the preschool in the building in which I teach was rationally staying open til noon.  I held my 9 am class that morning, but many people didn't show, thinking without reading their emails that I would cancel like the rest of the town or that they wouldn't be able to make it out.  They were so glued to their TV's and believed the media hype that they didn't even look out the window to see reality.  My husband went to work as usual and drove home slightly earlier than usual (4:00) with no ill effect.

Terrifying people about the weather is an extension of our news these days.  The TV has learned that if it keeps us scared, we watch the ads that it sells.

How would your life be if you switched off the TV, tuned out the hype, and just went about your day as it is, not as someone else is trying to convince you it is?


Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray