In college, I was the manager of the men's swim team, and we had a gathering this weekend to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the pool and to see the new scoreboard.  People from many classes had traveled from all over the county to attend, and it was so sweet to see guys from some of the 7 classes who had swum on the teams I had managed.  Over 30 years since our last meet together, but we all fell in just like we were back in college. It was interesting to see how people's quirks and personalities had basically stood the test of time. We told some of our old jokes, and I loved being able to share the horror of seeing that the Princeton team still had the SAME coach as when we were in college with people who truly understood.  It was so nice to be reminded of the camaraderie and the love we all shared, and to see that our bond, like that of a family, was timeless.  

Then, this week, I came home to learn that the husband of one of my current book club members was seriously ill.  As we all expressed support over our group email, planned meals for the family, and looked forward to connecting with each other at our next meeting, I noticed how much this book club, together for 20 years, was like my swim team.  We all understand each other and love each other, quirks and all.

Two different groups, two segments of time, both so cherished and integral to my own joy and sense of self moving through life.  This has made me deeply appreciate the gift of having other souls with whom to journey on this path of life.  Truly, the most important element of this gift of being alive.


Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray