Well, this week is an example of what I often refer to as surrendering to the flow of life.  My plan this week was to talk about the inevitable setbacks and imperfections that I deal with on a daily basis, in contrast to the beautiful optimism of last week's post.  Small truths about the beauty of being human.

Then, I learned yesterday about the impending death of my friend's husband.  Really, many things pale when confronted with a loss of this magnitude.  When she left for work a few weeks ago, she never dreamed that that would be the last time she would speak with him.  Nor did he, when he woke up that morning, think, "This is my last time at home."  Of course this happens to many people .  We think and talk and hear about the fragility of life all the time.  The question becomes how do we live when we really do not know which way the stream of life will take us?

I again like to think about following the path.  Trusting, even in the darkness, that the way will be made clear.  Also, about the paradox of flowing but also living intentionally.  Every day, asking "Is this the life I would like to be leading?  What changes do I need to make so that I am fulfilled and bring the greatest good to the world?" 

Who really knows the answers to all of this, but I am doing my best.  One thing I am certain about, the only thing that is important is love. 


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