Steady Progress

The angels acknowledge you for the progress you have made. . .
— Doreen Virtue

Last week was the one year anniversary of my falling.  I was walking carefully through light snow, hit some black ice, and landed on my head, resulting in a concussion.  For whatever reason, this concussion took a very long time to heal and I spent the greater amount of last year recovering. 

Now, one year later, I have such a deep appreciation for all that I am able to do.   In addition to teaching my yoga classes, I attend at least one a week and love to see my body's re-found strength.  I walk frequently with my friends, including Angela Martin, in preparation for this year's Camino journey.  Today, I even rode a few miles on my bike.  My mind now strong, I have organized some trips for next year, become a Reiki master teacher, and have expanded my private teaching and yoga therapy, and have booked some outside teaching engagements.  It feels great to be actively engaged in the world again, especially as I had many days last year that I wondered if I would ever recover.

Sometimes, I get frustrated that I am not doing more and then I remember that I fell just last year.  I love that I am feeling so much better now that I often forget.


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