Angels Everywhere

This weekend, a remarkable thing happened to my husband. On Saturday, he started complaining that he couldn’t find his wallet. This is a normal occurrance in our house, so I didn’t even think about it. It hadn’t shown up by Sunday morning, so I began to look for it, and in the afternoon, after going grocery shopping, I came home planning to check online to see if the cards had been used, convinced that Hugh had, in fact, left the wallet somewhere on our trip to Boston last Saturday.

When I got out of the car, Hugh ran up to me with joy on his face and in his voice. He had been mowing the lawn, and was in the house for a second to get a drink of water and there was a knock on the door. A man was standing there with his wallet!! He had found the wallet at the Charlton rest stop on the Mass Pike and had taken it home with him to Springfield, and then, Sunday morning, took the 40 minute drive down to our house to deliver it! Amazing, right?

The thing is, I have been noticing things like this now for a few months and have been wanting to write a blog about angels everywhere for quite some time! Maybe the person who shows up as your angel might not be so obvious and remarkable as Hugh’s story, but every day, you might notice how a friend calls right at the right time, a person steps aside and lets you go in front of you in line, someone notices that you have toilet paper stuck to your foot, and I could go on and on. Or, it could be even more subtle - for me, it might even be a pattern or a color that someone is wearing and they walk by at a certain moment or something that someone says to me that they didn’t even know I needed to hear. And, you never know when you yourself might be that angel.

You might call this phenomenon something different than “angels everywhere.” Perhaps the concept of angels doesn’t resonate with you, or your worldview sees such events and labels them something different. The nomenclature doesn’t matter. I invite you to look around this week and see if you begin to notice when this happens to you.

Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray

Nancy C Murray is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, Reiki master and spiritual leader.  She leads public and private yoga classes and healing sessions and also retreats and transformational journeys.