This Sunday, we dropped our son back off at college.  Thus ended another 8 weeks (for various reasons) of having one or both children home.  Monday morning, waking up, I felt like I had to pause for a minute and step again into the role of myself. 

Of course, I am always myself, but as I get older, I find that life gets more complex rather than simpler.  When I was young, I was mainly concerned with forging my own path, then I was married and we were forging a path together.  The amazing addition of children into my life added a great richness.  While they were always growing and changing, so that no one year was the same as the prior, there was a time when things were pretty stable.  A family of four, with all the richness and confusion that it brought. 

Now, the need and demands for shifting are even more frequent.  One day back to the mother figure in a family of four, one day into the role of wife and sole proprietor for my business, and another day looking after things for my father.  People flowing in and out of my life like the floes of ice on a river.  Each day bringing its own joy and beauty, but also requiring me to step into different roles like an actress backstage with a particularly tight costume change.

I am grateful for the practice of yoga and for having walked the Camino de Santiago for the lessons in resilience and flexibility that they have given me.

Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray