Flat Tire

Saturday, we were driving home from picking up our farm share when we heard the ominous thud flop sound of a flat tire. We listened for a couple of seconds, and determined that it was, in fact, coming from our car. I pulled over and while my husband called AAA, I contemplated the peaceful view of the Farmington river right next to me, as I had pulled over on the approach to a bridge. The water was still,  smooth, and very calming. Clear as a result of the two prior days bringing a January thaw. 

It was cold, so we decided to run inside a nearby restaurant to have lunch. AAA arrived right as the food did, and we ran out to see to the car. We couldn't believe our eyes as we looked at the river - now covered with giant chunks of ice, making the most magnificent of sounds. The light from the bright winter sun made each chunk shine like a diamond and cars were pulling over, people running out to see!

Our flat tire allowed us to linger long enough to see this amazing sight. 

Next time something happens to you which might first appear "bad," I invite you to take a broad view and wait for the inevitable gift that comes as a result. 


Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray