We're All in This Together

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to fly from Florida to my home in Connecticut.  It was a spectacular, clear day - the weather was perfect all the way from the tip of Florida to New England.  Gazing down at the landscape from my high perch, I had the same feeling that many astronauts have reported upon viewing the earth from outer space - a realization that the boundaries that we invent simply don't exist.  In this time when politicians, news outlets, retailers, and even some friends and family are so interested in segmenting and separating us, gazing down at the country from the sky, all I could feel was our unity.  Towns and cities spread out below me, each with their own clusters of houses and buildings.  I imagined what it would be like to be the person living in first that house, and then the family in that trailer, and then grandparents in the next house and the children in that apartment building over there.  I felt the love and the humanity that is the basic nature of each person and how we all want the best for ourselves, our loved ones, and each other. 

This same sense can be generated daily, on the ground,  by just taking a step back from our own individual circumstance to see if we can view just one issue from a larger and more open vantage point. It might be helpful to just develop an awareness of when you are getting trenched into an inflexible point of view or carried away with another story of fear.  Then, you might be able to step back and remember, again, that we are all in this together.  



Copyright 2018 Nancy C Murray