This past week, I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with water.  It started this weekend with two swims in the Atlantic ocean - riled and energy filled by some offshore tropical storms.  The waves rolling over my back felt like bubbles scrubbing away any burdens that I might have been carrying. 

Tuesday, I had the delightful experience of taking a short ferry ride across the Connecticut River.  It was surprisingly invigorating as the ferry, itself just a platform, was pushed off of the bank of the river into the water by a tugboat.  The boat pulled the platform to the other side, and the time on the water was like being in a dream.

Then, with the week's unseasonably warm weather, I was able to swim at my favorite respite, Winding Trails.  The pleasure of being able to swim outside in the lake this late in the year was amazing, and floating on my back and gazing up at the cloud dappled blue sky was sublime.

All this time spent in and around water made me reflect about how we have so many lessons to learn from water: the ebb and flow of the tides and the waves, the limitless energy and flow of the river, the peace of just resting.  Each one of these lessons deserves its own post, so I'll leave this one where it is.  Perhaps you might pause to consider your relationship with water this week.



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