Big E

Not far from where I live there is a giant fair, The Eastern State's Exposition, affectionately known by all around here as the Big E.  When my children were young, we would attend every year, going to the animal barn to see the livestock, riding some rides, maybe playing a midway game or two.  This past Friday, my husband, daughter and I returned for the first time in some years. 
That week, I had been trying to convince a friend who had never been to come to join us.  Try as I might, there was no way I could convince her this regional fair, known for it's deep fried twinkies and large crowds would be appealing to her.

I think because of this conversation earlier in the week, I was reflecting as I was there about why I love the Big E.  What became clear to me is that I love this fair because people of all walks of life are together enjoying themselves.  Some people like the healthy food in the states' pavilions, others like the once a year indulgence in deep fried food, some others eat that deep fried stuff all the time.  There are local crafters, crazy home product demonstrations, rides, horse shows, concerts, parades, and I could go on.  The joy, however, is in the coming together and the reminder that, no matter what our individual tastes, we all enjoy taking time from our separate activities to celebrate fall and most especially, whether we notice or not, the comfort that comes from being in community.


Copyright 2017     Nancy C Murray

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