Starting off

In 2015, I was asked by my friend Susan if I would like to lead a pilgrimage down the Camino de Santiago with her in September 2016.  As I had recently signed up to learn Spanish and the timing lined up with my youngest's departure for college,  I heartily said yes.  Thus began my relationship with pilgrimage and journey.  Since that time, I have come to realize that every day we are all engaged in journey and pilgrimage.  Every day, whether we are actively engaged in a trip or passively moving through life, we have the opportunity to learn, connect, and grow.  The times spent away on retreat or pilgrimage help to bring focus and predictability to life, but it is important to realize that these elements are also an important element of being alive in this world.  So many times we are moving through life with one goal or another.  What would it be like to live each day as if the day itself were the goal?  Yes, I have heard that many times before, but I am truly trying to live this. 

One of the many messages I have received from my guides is that I need to begin to write.  This blog is my starting off point.  Reflections of the day or stories from the past. 

My intention is that each post will be short enough to digest in a few moments, but with enough substance to chew on throughout the day.  Perhaps my musings or the lessons of my day might be of help to you as well.


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