The topic of friendship has been on the top of my mind this week.  I have found that the love of my friends is uplifting - whether I have just seen them or we have been separated for many years.  The week began with a chance meeting with a dear friend from college.  Through a Facebook post, I realized that he was only a few miles away from me.  We hadn't seen each other in a few years, and we were lucky enough to spend an hour or two together.  Time dissolved as we connected again.  Learning about each other's lives, children, families, it was as if we had just seen each other.  Believe it or not, just a few days later, I reconnected with another college friend.  We had lost touch, and I thought it possible I would never hear from him again.  I can't describe the joy when I received an email full of news from him!  If that wasn't enough, just a few days after that, my husband and I received a call from yet another college friend!  He was having a bit of a low time, and just was calling to connect again with us.  After 40 minutes on the phone, we were all cheered up!   

There are days when we all might feel alone - maybe off doing our own thing or experiencing a pain which makes us feel isolated.  Just taking a moment to remember the love of a friend , or perhaps to even reach out, might remind you of your own basic goodness. 

You might be surprised, perhaps that friend is thinking of you, too!


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