Walk a New Way

 by Angela Martin


Today, on my morning walk

I chose to go a new way;

I didn’t choose the way

It chose me


The path called to me

Choose the light

Turn to the light

And so I did


The way was curved in places

Hilly in others

And at every crossroads

I chose the path of light


Light, light, light

Light, light, light

I said as I walked

And every turn was an easy one


The path was peppered with bright leaves

The trees arced over me in a hug

Squirrels darted, playing with their brothers

The sky was so clear, so blue


Imagine what you might see

If you chose a new way

To walk, to listen, to be in this world

Just imagine what might be illuminated


Copyright 2017 Angela Martin

Guest post by Angela Martin, a truth-seeker, writer and award-winning author who writes on her contemplative journey in the second half of life. Angela is co-leading the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage with Nancy Murray, September 14 - 23, 2018.