Choose Joy

There are many responses you can have to any moment. Why not choose joy?
— Danna Faulds

At my college reunion last weekend, there was one person whom I sorely missed - my friend, Susan, who died almost two years ago.  We had maintained our friendship after college - she had some relatives who lived in my town, and we coincidentally ran into each other at an Omega conference in NYC (and went to the conference again other years, not so coincidentally).  She had a fun way of looking at the world, and it was always a pleasure to spend time with her, any conversation ultimately ending with laughter.  The last time I saw her, she told me that she had a medical condition, and that she knew that, at some point, she would just go to sleep at night and not wake up the next day; ultimately, that is how she died.

Imagine that, knowing that at any point, when you go to sleep, you might not wake up the next day.

So, now, every morning, as I wake up and realize that yes, I have been given yet another day, I make a point of sending up a prayer of gratitude for being alive - a simple fact that we can all too often take for granted.  This was already my life purpose, but Susan being gone has had me magnify my mission to spread love and joy. Life does have its ups and downs, but really any situation in which we find ourselves is an opportunity to learn and grow, even if it seems intolerable in the moment.   We do get to choose how we react to everything we encounter during every day we are given – why not choose joy?


Copyright 2017  Nancy C Murray