This weekend, I had the great good fortune to attend my 30th college reunion!  We had a great time making new friends and reconnecting with old.  So many elements of the weekend could be brought into my blog post this morning, but the one that I am called to is identity. 

Throughout our lives, there are so many events and people that come into our lives, and each helps to form the person that we become.  Inevitably, there are parts of the story that we hide from some and illuminate for others.  There at my 30th Harvard reunion, it was so nice to be able to let down any masks and just be ourselves for a while.  We all know each other's stories. We have shared together the sometimes stupid, sometimes painful, almost always hysterically silly times of growing up together in college.  Some of us have gone into worlds where we have had to posture or forget to get ahead.  Some reunions, we felt like we needed to list our accomplishments and some of us may have been driven to accomplish quite a bit.  And now, we have hit an age where we can all just be who we are.  Unapologetically who we are, or at least we try.  The reunion was much more like a giant family getting together - we understand and accept each other's eccentricities.  It was awesome to be with so many people at similar stages of life.

So, I am choosing now to illuminate for you an important part of my identity which I have often felt socially compelled to shadow.  I am a proud member of Harvard's class of 1987.

Do you have a piece of yourself that you, too, are making dim?  How would it be for you to just allow that part of yourself to shine forth?